And the fun (and silliness) continues…

This week, we are rehearsing for our season opening production of “HMS Pinafore,” which will take place this Friday and Saturday (September 16 and 17).  The cast is wonderful and is working at break-neck speed to get this show on the boards.  This is because we have a very short rehearsal period for these productions.  This time, it was made even shorter because we were completely taken over with the preparations on the Mozart “Requiem” for the 9/11 Remembrance concerts we gave this past Sunday.

Some members of the cast are familiar to our audiences and the Chorale members alike.  Troy Clark as “Sir Joseph” was Curley in “OKLAHOMA!”.  Jason Buckwalter is “Dick Deadeye” Jason was Will Parker in “OKLAHOMA!” and has been in quite a few Annapolis Chorale productions.  Susan Fleming who is playing “Buttercup” has been a frequent soloist with us since I became the Music Director.  Catrin Davies, who is staging this production for us, was seen last year as Maria in “The Sound of Music.”  Then we have the artists who are new to us:

Frederic Rey is “Ralph.”  Sarah Kate Walston is playing “Josephine.” The “Captain” is being played by Sam Hepler.  Julie Hiscox is playing “Hebe” and Rick DuPuy is the “Bos’n.”  As you can see, five of the eight leads are new to Live Arts Maryland.  Some of them are people I have known through other companies and have wanted to work with for years.  Some are people that I didn’t know until I was going through the casting process. The result is a lot of fun!

These are all wonderfully talented singers and actors and as this rehearsal period got underway this group just clicked.  It was as if we had all known each other for years.  This off-stage chemistry has created some real fun and craziness onstage as well.  If you are fortunate enough to see this production then you are in for a treat.  You will see a wonderful cast singing and performing brilliantly.  But most importantly they are going to be having as much fun onstage as you are in the audience! With that kind of energy onstage almost anything can happen!

I am really having a great time with all of these performers, both those who are returning and those who are new to us.  I find myself really looking forward to rehearsals and the performances this weekend because this group is just so much fun!   When the “HMS Pinafore” sails into Annapolis this weekend, you should really try to “come aboard”!

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