Dear Friends:

I promise that this is not your typical appeal letter!

What a year this has been for Live Arts Maryland, for the arts community of Annapolis and for the arts world as a whole. We are on the leading edge of a wave that is moving us forward in directions that a few years ago no one would have predicted.  In the last several years performing arts companies have seen major changes in everything from the way that we present concerts and events to the way the our audience participates with what we do.  I chose that word carefully. Let me explain.

For generations, the norm for performing groups was to offer a performance and hope that someone would come and if they came that they would like it and come back again.  Things went on like that for many years.  But in recent years, in large part because of the Internet and technology, it is now possible for you to hear about a concert, buy a ticket, read the program and the notes, and then read the reviews after you see the concert without ever touching a piece of paper or interacting with another person! The only time you would have to connect with other people would be at the concert itself and then only if you wanted to do so. To me, this change has taken away the “live” part of the performing arts. At Live Arts Maryland our goal is to find NEW ways to put this essential ingredient back into the mix!

YOU are our most important connection to the community but, more importantly, you are a vital part of the music we make.  When we make music without YOU there, we call that a rehearsal.  Rehearsals are great, but in order to perform we need an audience and we need support.

You love “live music” and we are going to keep bringing it you.  Along the way we will find ways to connect with each other in ways we have not dreamed of yet.  Many people in the arts world look at this time with trepidation. I am looking at it as a time that is ripe with possibilities!

I know that you believe in a vibrant arts scene. Your gift and support to Live Arts Maryland and its ensembles The Annapolis Chorale and the Annapolis Chamber Orchestra is essential to our continuing to bring the best and most creative performances to the region. Join us as part of our creative team so we can keep bringing great performances to Annapolis!

I am enclosing a donation card for you to scan the QR code if you would like to donate that way or you can simply call our office or send a check!  Either way your gift will make a huge difference for Live Arts Maryland.





J. Ernest Green
Music Director