Concert Play List – November 8 – Movies, Magic & More

Special guest artist Jenny Oaks Baker performing with the Annapolis Chorale and Annapolis Chamber Orchestra
under the direction of J. Ernest Green.

Excerpt from Frozen             with Chorale

Suite from Far and Away       Jenny Oaks Baker

Gabriel’s Oboe  from The Mission    Jenny Oaks Baker

Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas           with Chorale

Over the Rainbow  from The Wizard of Oz      Jenny Oaks Baker

God Help the Outcasts from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame       Jenny Oaks Baker with Chorale

May it be  from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy         Chorale

When I Fall In Love  from Sleepless in Seattle         Cantori

Theme from Schindler’s List      Jenny Oaks Baker

Piano Rags (inlcuding the Maple Leaf Rag from The Sting)  Annapolis Chamber Orchestra


 West Side Story medley            Chorale

Scarborough Fair   (Simon & Garfunkel)      Jenny Oaks Baker

Pie Jesu from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Requiem       Jenny Oaks Baker with Chorale

Yesterday  (The Beatles)    Jenny Oaks Baker

Everybody Hurts     (REM)     Jenny Oaks Baker

Kashmir    (Led Zeppelin)    Jenny Oaks Baker

Amazing Grace           Jenny Oaks Baker with Chorale