Ernie’s Pearls of Wisdom


Ernie’s Pearls of Wisdom/Chorale:

  1. That’s why we call it a “re- hearsal.” If it were perfect it would just be a “hearsal.”
  2. Your shoes are not going to help you.  Look up!!
  3. That’s why cavemen didn’t have choirs – they couldn’t see the conductor all hunched over like that.
  4. Okay, now we’re all going to practice.  Hold your finger up like this [pointer/thumb]; grasp the edge of the paper; now – turn.
  5. Don’t listen to Barney. Sharing [music] is bad.
  6. I’m not going to pick on the _______ (tenors, sopranos, tenors, basses) tonight.
  7. If it isn’t oval-shaped, don’t sing it.
  8. We’re going to have a blast.
  9. Let’s Just Try This. (arranging the singers for the 10th time)
  10. There’s no effort-grade in music.
  11. There’s no crying in music!
  12. Not bad! (meaning it was awful.)
  13. Whatever you do, go and see a live performance.
  14. This is the LAST time…
  15. I’ll let you go early.
  16. Woof!
  17. Look at me – fresh as a daisy!
  18. I’m drinking tea! (var: I’ll just have a sip of this de-caf tea – with honey.)
  19. I went to school for this!
  20. Lighten up the sound – you sound like the hippos in Fantasia.
  21. Don’t sound like the South Baltimore 40-Decibel Choir! (ooow Hoooly Noight)
  22. That’s good enough for a community choir.
  23. Ok, now let’s hear the ladies and altos.
  24. Ok, now let’s here the men and tenors.
  25. I’m just sayin’!
  26. Get your heads up; God made man to walk erect.
  27. Look up, the music is not written on your shoes.
  28. This piece is in English, not Swedish!
  29. I smell a Tony!
  30. Know Thyself (ie: what you can and cannot sing!)
  31. Sing it as if it was beautiful!
  32. I’m giving up sarcasm for the New Year.
  33. Whatever I’m imagining, sing half of that.
  34. Don’t give me Mozart Lite.
  35. Too much vibrato is like buffalo wings – they are spicy – 2 baskets are too much.
  36. Don’t you love it?

Ernie’s Pearls of Wisdom/Others:

  1. I have this GREAT idea!
  2. Let’s have lunch!
  3. Let’s have breakfast!
  4. Let’s go for a bike ride!
  5. I’ll call you!
  6. We have this GREAT idea!
  7. Oh, it’s going to be so GREAT!
  8. They are going to LOVE this!
  9. I gotta get you two together.
  10. Oh, you’re gonna love this.


One guest says Ernie is the Leonard Bernstein of Annapolis