St. Anne’s Concert Series: Bach’s Passion Chorales

Organist Larry Molinaro presents a concert of the Passion Chorales by JS Bach on March 21, Bach’s birthday.

The text of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion interweaves three distinct strands of texts: the first is the musical rendition of the gospel narrative itself as sung by the evangelist, soloists and chorus.  Second are the poetic reflections (arias) on the events.  Third, but not least, are corporate statements of faith (chorales) relating to the theology of the passion.  These chorales, probably sung during Bach’s time by the entire congregation, punctuate the dramatic action at key moments throughout the entire work.

This afternoon concert is a prelude to Live Arts Maryland’s complete performances of the St. Matthew Passion (Friday, March 26 & Saturday, March 27), offering the chance to experience the extraordinary settings of these chorales as well as organ variations written by Bach on the same hymn tunes.

Tickets on sale now and will be available at the door.  Free Student Rush tickets will be available one hour before the concert.