What does Ernie mean when he says he “doesn’t like classical music?”

Let me start by saying that I LOVE music!  All kinds of music!  What I don’t like are labels that constrict us in an attempt to make sure that everything fits into nice neat piles.   As Alex Ross notes in his book “Listen to This,” (I am paraphrasing here), for generations, jazz musicians have not referred to what they play as jazz, but simply as “music” and for me there is something refreshing in that minimalist approach to describing what we do.  It opens up unlimited possibilities for us to be creative.

Those of you who have been on this musical journey with us over the last few years will recognize some signs of this.  As one audience member said to me recently about our Bach+ series, “You share so much more music than just Bach, is that the reason for the ‘plus sign’ in the name of the series?”   That was an amazing exchange because I realized that this person “got it”!  We’re not trying to create a museum of “Classical Music” (strictly speaking, this era only includes music from around 1750-1825).  We’re not trying to create a “temple of art” where our audiences go in the concert hall and sit in reverent attention to the works of past masters.   Rather, we at Live Arts are hoping to find links to the music of the past and see how they connect with music of our own time.

Our April 8 concert is one example of this approach.  We’re presenting music that was composed in the last 20 years or so but in many ways was influenced by music of the past.  Join me and hear what I mean!  You’ll discover some absolutely stunning music that I know you’ll love!

Here’s a sample:  The “Sanctus” from Dan Forrest’s “Requiem for the Living.”

Click on the image

In the meantime, rest assured that I LOVE music.  I just want to bring it to you in new ways that will engage you and keep you wanting more!

Join us for Music for a New World II
Saturday, April 8, 8 p.m.
Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts