2017 Serenade! Choral Festival

2017 Serenade! Choral Festival
Thursday, June 29 at 7 p.m.
St. Anne’s Church, downtown Annapolis

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Featuring Egschiglen (Mongolia), Balkanes (Bulgaria) and Capella (Northern Ireland)

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Established in 2011 and hailed by the Washington Post as “true harmonic convergence,” Classical Movements’ Serenade! Washington, D.C. Choral Festival is an international choir celebration that offers an unforgettable, life-changing experience for singers and audiences alike.  Presented free to the public, since its inception, Serenade! has showcased more than 50 choirs from some 25 countries to enthusiastic audiences at prestigious venues throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

The 7th annual Serenade! Festival, from June 27—July 4, 2017, promises to be a very special edition, as it is co-presented with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, in celebration of President Kennedy’s centennial and one of his longstanding initiatives, the Peace Corps.

Featured groups:

BALKANES was born in December 1996 through the encounter of four young women. From different backgrounds, they have come together to create original songs from the traditional Bulgarian repertoire, or more widely from the Balkans, broadening their sound palette to include liturgical songs in Slavonic.  Two true Bulgarians, living in their adoptive city Lyon, and two Lyonnaises Bulgarian in the soul, came together to evoke traditions, nostalgic memories and love. Laureates of several prizes for interpretation (JMF competitions, the Tremplin des polyphonies of Laas, etc.), they perform both nationally and internationally (the Châtelet Téâtre in Paris, the Amphithéâtre of the Opera of Lyon…), and at numerous music festivals in France, all Europe, Mayotte, Africa, Mayotte, etc.).  Alternately melancholic and playful, these four women vary subtly the angelic purity of their voices and the fiery rhythms of melodies from the rich Bulgarian repertoire performing songs filled with natural sounds vibrating with the vocal chanting tradition. Four female voices, with fascinating voice tonalities interweaving, flirting the high notes or sliding to the low notes in order to accompany the audience in a captivating, colorful foreign musical universe.  BALKANES generously share stories that juggle between grief and humor, adjusting tradition to their vision and musical identity. Emotions and humor cross the boarders and magic settles among the audience from the very first song.


EGSCHIGLEN ensemble was founded in 1991 by master students of the conservatory of Ulaanbaatar. Still today four founding members are the heart of the group. From the very beginning, the musicians are focusing on the contemporary interpretation of traditional music of Mongolia. The group is searching systematically for the sound dimensions of this repertory with their traditional instruments and the Central Asian vocal style.

The music of EGSCHIGLEN impresses by virtue of its variety and gracefulness. They interpret both traditional songs and the works of contemporary Mongolian composers with their fine-tuned arrangements by using traditional instruments from Mongolia and Central Asian vocal techniques. Their pieces often have chamber-music quality and transparency – and then again the original enchanting power of folk traditions.  You can almost hear the sound of the hoofs of the small and tough Mongolian horses – Genghis Khan founded the world’s greatest empire of all times on their backs. And then again the music takes us to the clear silence of the Gobi desert, where only the wind sings in the dunes.


CAPELLA is the senior chamber choir of The Wallace High School. The choir is made up of students aged  15-18  and  performs  a  wide  repertoire  from  early  sacred  music  to  contemporary  close harmony arrangements. The group traveling to Washington will sing a repertoire of Irish music with some other contemporary arrangements as well. The choir performs regularly throughout Ireland  and  abroad, from the USA  to  France,  Belgium,  The  Netherlands,  Czech  Republic,  Cyprus, and, closer to home, London.  The choir is directed by Mr. David Falconer.

The school was founded by Sir Richard Wallace on his  land, and  there  continue to be strong  links between his  living  legacy in the  school and  his heritage at the Wallace Collection in London.  In 2018, the choir will perform at the bicentenary of his birth at the Wallace Collection in London.