Making Connections

Ernie writes:

Over the last several years, one of the features of our musical seasons (sometimes obvious, sometimes not) is that we have tried to create connections to music of all eras and genres. A few years ago on our Bach+ Series, we did several concerts that traced musical gestures and idioms from Monteverdi and his Lamento della ninfa (1614) through Arvo Pärt and his music (ca. 1999). We even connected it to popular music (like Led Zeppelin and others). The audiences loved it and we had a blast!

This season, we’re continuing this approach and I want to talk about a concert that I’m particularly excited about. It’s not on our subscription series, but if you are a full-season subscriber you can attend this one FREE!

On Thursday, December 20, two nights before we present Handel’s Messiah, we’ll present a concert that will focus on the “female voice” in music. This concert features Bach’s Magnificat in D along with other texts that look at the voice of Mary in anticipation of Christmas. This concert will also feature the Biebl Ave Maria and a some other beautiful works that I will talk about more in a future email.

So, why am I talking about a concert that is NOT on the subscription series in an attempt to get you to subscribe? Because if you subscribe to our season, you get this concert FREE. Trust me you don’t want to miss this one.

Here are two excerpts for you to listen to.  The first is the opening movement of the Bach Magnificat – just click on the image:

This next clip is a stunning performance of the Biebl Ave Maria:

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